A Winter Wonderland in Garmisch

Garmisch is one of the most adorable places I have ever been! The street we stayed on was lined with pastel colored buildings covered in Bavarian murals that looked like they were done that day. There looked to be no wear or tear on any of the buildings. Big crystal-like snowflakes fell everyday which made the street look like something out of a fairytale. As we walked down the street I kept asking myself, do people actually live here?Olivia in GarmischGarmischGarmischGarmischGarmischWe are lucky enough to live a drivable distance from this charming town. Our trip there was not so simple, though! It was snowing and about 2.5 hours into our 4 hour drive we hit traffic that was stopped. Everyone was getting out of their cars and children and dogs were playing in the snow. We sat for almost 2 hours, with no police in sight, until people decided to back up and turn around. The snow was falling pretty heavy at this time, but the German lady who instructed us to turn around ensured us we would be able to get to our hotel and told us which route to take. A 4 hour drive turned into 9 hours, but we got there safely and Olivia was SO good the entire trip! She didn’t cry at all. Thanks to Cheerios and a couple of toys!

Stefan booked a room at the Atlas Grand hotel. It was a traditional Bavarian Lodge style hotel. Stefan hauled our luggage up to the room and then we quickly headed out to a restaurant the front desk recommended. This restaurant couldn’t have started our trip off any better. The staff was dressed in dirndls and lederhosens! There was live music playing and there were two young boys who did traditional Bavarian style dances. Olivia was entertained the entire dinner! Stefan had Jägerschnitzel, Olivia had fish sticks and I had a shrimp salad to eat.Olivia in GarmischOlivia in GarmischOlivia in GarmischGarmisch The next day we headed straight to the mountain in hopes to do cross country skiing, snow shoeing or sledding. Unfortunately, none of this happened. They didn’t have anything to pull Olivia in for cross country skiing, my boots were not sufficient for snow shoeing, and the hill wasn’t safe for an infant to be sledding. So, we decided to break for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and figure out what to do the rest of the day. On Sundays the majority of places are closed in Germany. We forgot about this when planning so our options were limited. There were a lot of snowy walking trails so we found one store that was open and purchased a cheap plastic sled for Olivia. A lot of the German children had amazing wooden toboggans which we definitely want to get for Olivia next year! We took Olivia to a walking trail and pulled her along, she loved it. Stefan did one sled ride down a short hill and she was not a fan. After a few tears were shed, it was approaching evening time so we headed back to the hotel to clean up before dinner at an italian wine bar/restaurant which was amazing. We started with polenta sticks and for our main dishes Stefan had pasta carbonara, Olivia had a caprese salad and I had shrimp pasta in a lemon butter sauce. Olivia in GarmischOlivia in GarmischOlivia in GarmischGarmischOlivia in GarmischOlivia in Garmisch
On our last day we packed up early and headed to Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the castle that inspired Walt Disney and is the most visited castle in Germany. The route there took us through Lermoos, a ski town in Austria. I went to Garmisch and now Austria? Is this real life? It was a beautiful town and we want to go back! We decided to stop for a quick bite to eat and then continued on to the castle. When we approached the castle it was snowing pretty hard and in order to get to the actual castle you have to walk up a couple of hills and we didn’t want Olivia to be out in the cold that long plus we still had a long drive ahead of us. Stefan was able to get a picture of the castle, but we already have plans to go back during the spring or summer months when it is walkable. Neuschwanstein CastleNeuschwanstein Castle