We arrived at the port of Piraeus near Athens early in the morning affording us time for a quick breakfast aboard the ship. We decided after thinking everything through the Hop On-Hop Off bus would be the best way to travel the city. Olivia enjoyed riding in the front of the bus in the upper deck, but it definitely wasn’t warm. The audio program for the bus was entertaining for her for a little bit and it was certainly entertaining for us to watch her as she kept telling us there was sound coming out of the little earbuds. We had to compete with a decent amount of traffic on our way into Athens and then up to the Acropolis, but we made it to our destination in about the amount of time we thought it would take. Once there we purchased tickets and checked in our stroller, which is understandable since the archaeological site is nothing but rocks and steps. This was a good time for Olivia to practice her step skills since they were all small on the way up to the main ruins. After taking in the views of the ruins and the rest of the city we made 0ur way down and saw several black vehicles with Polish flags. Apparently we decided to visit the same time the first lady of Poland decided to visit. It totally shut down the site’s traffic leaving us stranded. We had to watch minutes melt away from our site seeing adventure until another bus could make it’s way to our pickup point. Eventually they showed up, but we learned there was a public transportation strike in the city causing insane traffic. We had to make some compromises and decided lunch at the Plaka was the best place to visit. It offered food an a sense of modern Athens with it’s market like atmosphere. We rushed through the streets for food and shopping before catching a cab back to port and onward to Olympia.