Berlin, Germany-Family Trip

We vlogged our family trip to Berlin! You can view it on our YouTube channel here!

Berlin is about a 6 hour drive for us, meaning it really took about 7-7.5 hours due to stopping a couple of times. Olivia, our 15 month old, did amazing on the trip there! We also took our Yorkie, Sophie, with us which kept Olivia entertained! Upon arrival in Berlin we dropped off our luggage at the Scandic Hotel. The hotel is walking distance to all of the main attractions and it was a nice, clean hotel. We recommend! We then headed straight to dinner. We opted for German food and chose the restaurant Alt Bayern. We ordered a platter that consisted of A LOT of different meats plus dumplings and sauerkraut. It was delicious! After dinner we headed straight to the mall across the street to get Olivia milk and grab water before we headed on our site seeing tour.

Stefan had 4 main attractions he wanted to see and we were able to get to all of them. I am always up for seeing whatever! Personally, I enjoy walking around all of the cities we go to admiring the architecture and experiencing the food and culture. I don’t usually have a set agenda. Unless of course I have read a blog ahead of time and they recommend something that peaks my interest!





Here are some random site-seeing photos we took while on our way to each of the main attractions! We both enjoyed Berlin. I think summer would be a great time to visit because there appeared to be a lot of restaurants that had outside seating. It was in the mid 50’s when we visited, but very windy so it seemed cold!