neuLASH Review

After I had Olivia I experienced what many new moms experience and that is hair loss! Luckily, I have always had a lot of hair so a random person couldn’t tell I was losing it. But I could tell! For what seemed like months, much of it fell out when I washed my hair. I wasn’t that upset about it because I knew this was just part of motherhood. However, I thought, if my hair was falling out and I couldn’t do anything about it, then maybe I could make my eyelashes grow! Really, I just wanted to justify purchasing neuLASH.

I first heard about the product through one of my favorite fashion bloggers, The Style Scribe, and went on to read about it through a few others, but I could never justify the price.

I’ve had false eyelashes professionally put on a few times in the past. I loved the way they looked, but hated how careful I had to be when washing my face. I like to scrub my makeup off every night, and having to be so delicate with my eyes and not really getting all of the makeup off bothered me. Not to mention I am horrible at putting false lashes on myself. It was the perfect excuse.

I ordered my first bottle of neuLASH from Amazon. I’ve heard you can get counterfeit bottles through some Amazon sellers if you don’t know what to look for so I now order it from Nordstrom. But anyway, I started seeing results within a few weeks of using it and people began asking me if I had false lashes on. I applied it every night and was loving what I was seeing. One bottle lasted me about 7 months. So yes the bottle is pricey coming in at around $95, but getting false eyelashes put on once can cost $95 and then you have to maintain them. I’d much rather line my eyes with neuLASH once a day and have my real lashes grow. I’m all about low maintenance since becoming a mom. I curl my lashes with a Shiseido Eyelash Curler (splurge, but love!) and I use a drugstore mascara. My current favorite mascara is L’Oréal Butterfly Intenza.Neulash

Unfortunately, I don’t have any before pictures to share, but here are some after photos! Olivia was helping! Side note-these photos have made me realize my age…ooooh man wrinkles! Go away. NeulashNeulashNeulash and Olivia