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Packing for a One Year Old: Olivia’s Travel Essentials

The new year means new travel adventures for our family! We love living in Europe and having easy access to so many places to travel. Most destinations we want to go to are only a 1-2 hour plane ride away. After our last trip with Olivia, I am definitely thankful for short plane rides! You can read about our flight to Madrid here. The first overnight trip we took with Olivia was to Paris. It was that trip where I really developed a running list on my phone of what she needs when we travel. A few weeks later we traveled to London and then Madrid where the list continued to be edited. As we gear up for our next trip in a couple weeks I wanted to share what’s on my packing list for her now that she is one year old.

Olivia took the switch to whole milk from formula really well. We had absolutely no issues at all with that transition which is wonderful because now I don’t have to worry about packing a lot of bottles and formula which is so nice! I will definitely have a lot more room in my bag! Speaking of bags, I try to pack everything into one medium size suitcase. On our trip to London and Spain I put Olivia’s clothes into ziplock bags which helped save on packing space. Packing that way meant I already had her outfits put together and it was a lot less easy to forget something! If I can fit everything into one suitcase it makes getting around the airport less stressful. We usually keep Olivia in her stroller and check our bag and pack ‘n play. Then we are left with my backpack diaper bag and Stefan’s camera bag while waiting on our flight.

I’d love to know what is on your packing list for a one year old! Also, what is your favorite luggage?

Olivia’s Travel Essentials