Summer in Paris

We just got back from our third trip to Paris and it was a hot one! The first hotel we stayed in which shall remain nameless did not have air conditioning. Our first thought was okay we can just suck it up. We dropped our bags off and headed out for the day. It was in the 90’s. We were out until about 9:30 at night walking around and then headed back to the hotel. Our room was still very hot so we all took cold showers. Olivia ended up screaming about 90% of the night. We got zero sleep. The next day we had tickets to go to Palace of Versailles so we were up and out early. That day was just as hot as the day prior so that evening we decided to use Hotels Tonight and book a room with air conditioning. We got a room a couple blocks from the Eiffel Tower. It was a 700 euro/night room that we paid 130 for. Amazing! We will definitely be using Hotels Tonight on our next trip to Paris. Below are Stefan’s photos from the trip and our family vlogs. Watch our vlogs to see what we did, where we ate and what happened to us a Versailles!