Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I bought one outfit plus a pajama set for Olivia specifically for Valentine’s Day, but then realized I had a few other outfits that are perfect for the occasion so we put together a mini photo-shoot! Stefan’s Mom made all of Olivia’s tu-tu’s! I don’t have any Valentine’s Day decor yet and instead of buying it this year I decided to hold off and buy decorations next year when Olivia is more into holidays and can help pick out decorations for her room. I did pick up a couple Valentine’s Day books for her though, Day It Rained Hearts and Minnie Be My Sparkly Valentine, which she has already ripped the front and back cover off, lol. In Germany they have amazing gift boxes for all holidays so I bought two to put her gifts in, which you will see in the photographs. For her gifts, I bought her gold shoes and a TY Pink Elephant stuffed animal. We made funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing and chocolate covered strawberries for the occasion.

Stefan and I have no plans for Valentine’s Day this year because we will be in Paris shortly after where we plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Stefan’s birthday! I won’t mention how old he will be! Let’s just say he gets a bit cranky about it, haha!