Zipadee-Zip and Flying Squirrel Review

Olivia has been sleeping in a Zipadee-Zip since she could no longer be safely swaddled AKA she was breaking out of the swaddle! I discovered the Zipadee-Zip through Shark Tank and now she won’t sleep without it or the Flying Squirrel which I purchased once she hit the 12 month size. The Flying Squirrel sizing starts at 12 months.

I initially purchased one Zipadee-Zip and about a week after having it I purchased another for when one was dirty. Olivia was a big spitter-upper and there were times when both Zipadee-Zips were dirty and she refused to nap without it on. I’m honestly not sure what it is about the Zipadee-Zip or the Flying Squirrel, but they sure do comfort her! It’s like a security blanket for her. You can read about the science behind the Zipadee-Zip here.

I typically put her in the Zipadee-Zip for naps and the Flying Squirrel at bed time. No real reason behind this, just my own made up Mom routine! Whenever she wakes I get her out of the Zipadee-Zip or Flying Squirrel and then lay one back out for the next sleeping time. She knows when I lay her in the crib straight into the Zipadee-Zip  or Flying Squirrel and zip it up that it is bed time or nap time. The Flying Squirrel and the Zipadee-Zip cost between $36.95-$38.95 and the site typically offers a $5.00 coupon and free shipping over $50. Olivia is currently in the 12-24 month size and has room to grow. She has the unicorn pattern in the Zipadee-Zip and the cupcake pattern in the Flying Squirrel. They have a lot of fun patterns to choose from and are constantly changing them. They offer different fabrics for different seasons. I purchased the summer fabric this past year and Olivia was comfortable sleeping with it on throughout the summer months. I highly recommend giving one a try! Olivia approved!Zipadee-ZipZipadee-ZipFlying SquirrelFlying SquirrelFlying Squirrel